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Arya Samaj Marriage

Arya Samaj Marriage

Arya Samaj Mandir In Delhi ,The way of solemnizing marriage in Arya Samaj Mandir is very easy and convenient. It hardly take 1 to 2 hours to complete the entire marriage ceremony only you need to take the required documents and two garlands and sweets. Fire and the other elements are the only witnesses to the ceremony. The wedding is conducted according to Arya Marriage rituals. Marriage procedure is very simple and holy but you must have to fill all the formalities as well as book the Mandir in advance. You have to register on our this website, and submit along with other necessary requisites of our Ayra Samaj Marriage. After the successful registration or submission we will give a date for your marriage in prior. Come to the our Temple at desired date.

After solemnization of marriage we will provide you Arya Samaj Marriage Certificate and the Marriage and Certificate both are fully legal & valid in the eye of law (Hon’ble Supreme Court & High Court ). which makes you legal husband and wife.

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